exposing surveillance

unsurv.org follows developments in offline surveillance and tracking. Using different methods the consequences and impacts are presented. On this basis unsurv.org's goal is to enable a broad discussion about invasive technologies that follow us increasingly closer in our daily lives.

Latest Blog Entries:

unsurv-offline II

14 Apr, 2021

unsurv-offline has seen some major improvements and will be released this year.

Train your object detection model for your coral dev board with your GPU

10 Apr, 2021

Easily use your GPU to train your object detection model for your coral dev board.

On humans correcting computer decisions

11 Aug, 2020

The trend of replacing human labor with machines to save money can be observed since the industrial revolution. But what happens if we let machines decide, not just work, for us? For now, we feel better if a person is still involved in a decision that affects us. Even in this case several problems arise.


30 May, 2020

Introducing an independent device monitoring everyday surveillance and tracking.

unsurv-android Update 1

09 May, 2020

unsurv-android has gotten new features that improve collaboration, enhance security and privacy as well as integrate data better into existing OpenStreetMap data.